Timothy Good

Lecture Reviews

"Timothy C. Good, author of several international best-selling books on UFOs and alien contact, spoke recently before a packed house at the RCMI . . . the evidence in his slide presentation clearly indicated that several governments throughout the world know that UFOs and the alien presence are real and substantial."
Royal Canadian Military Institute

"The lecture was most interesting, enlightening and entertaining. As you may have noticed, the Admiral, myself and the audience were spellbound throughout. The lecture has certainly confirmed some of our beliefs and given food for thought for those disbelievers in the audience who have yet to be convinced."
Royal Naval Air Station Portland

"The debate was enjoyed by the entire body of delegates, judged to be more than usually successful by the President and Officers of the Oxford Union, and deeply appreciated by IBM because it contributed handsomely to the general ambience of customer satisfaction."
IBM United Kingdom

"It was truly a tour de force . . . You gave us a masterly insight into a fascinating subject."
Royal Geographical Society

"The hall was quite packed from start to finish, and the question time went on for longer than any lecture I have ever been to."
General Secretary, National Committee,
Institution of Post Office Electrical Engineers

"Thank you for the excellent talk . . . you were most stimulating and thought provoking."
Aberdeen Medical Chirurgical Society

"You drew a record crowd and certainly held their attention and interest."
St George's Royal Air Force Chapel of Remembrance, Biggin Hill

"Breathtaking . . . Your talk was a great success and quite roused us all!"
The Concorde Luncheon Club

" . . . articulate and sexy - a sort of interstellar Melvyn Bragg. So persuasive is he that the audience is swept along by his enthusiasm."
New Society

" . . . the girls were most enthusiastic about your talk, enjoyed it immensely and were full of questions afterwards."
Roedean School

"All the reports I have heard from the boys have been most favourable - it was obviously thoroughly enjoyed by all."
Rugby School

"It was indeed a most enjoyable and enthralling occasion . . . the girls were spellbound by your talk, and at the end not one of them seemed to doubt your case."
Moira House School

"What a lecture that was! I don't think that we have ever had a talk that has generated as much discussion as yours did. It was the single topic of conversation in the staff-room . . . "
Sherborne School for Girls

"Thank you so much for Saturday's fascinating lecture. As expected, it has been the main topic of conversation amongst the students for the last 48 hours . . . "
Gordonstoun School

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